After Unseasonable Warm Spell, Cold Temperatures are Coming - and Settling In

By Julie Perine on December 05, 2017 via

After a series of unseasonably warm days, cold weather is on its way and according to WDTV Chief Meteorologist Ken Meehan, it’s likely here to stay.
“We have a cold front coming in from central northern Canada and it will get cold and stay cold through at least this time next week – probably longer,” he said. “Models going out 10 days still show it cold and models going out even further than that still show cold. So, I don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon."
After today – which will bring temperatures in the upper 50s and rain – the mercury will dip significantly.
“Temperatures will drop to probably the low 20s with highs around freezing (32 degrees),” Meehan said.
Although there are no “organized snow showers” indicated on the models, there will be snow at some point, he said.
“They’re hard to pinpoint sometimes, but at some point, we’ll get some,” he said.
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