Public Help Sought by Bridgeport Police Department as Investigation into Counterfeiting Case Continues

By Jeff Toquinto on February 07, 2018 via

Sitting on the intersection of Interstate 79 and U.S. Route 50 has been wonderful for the economic development of Bridgeport. At the same time, it also has provided some opportunities for those looking to bypass the system.
And one of those ways Bridgeport is seeing people attempting to bypass the system is with the passing of counterfeit dollars.
According to Bridgeport Police Department Detective B.E. Kemmerer, an investigation is still ongoing for a recent counterfeiting case in Bridgeport. It took place Jan. 22 of this year. The incident occurred as a gas station in the Charles Pointe section of the city.
“The pictures aren’t great, but it’s a little clearer with the actual video,” said Kemmerer. “What we have appears to be a white male who leaves in a white truck.”
Kemmerer said the truck appears to be a white Ford Ranger, but he “isn’t 100 percent certain” on that. He’s hoping someone will be able to piece together the suspect and the truck to bring resolution to the case.
“Between us and Clarksburg, we’ve seen a lot of this and it’s the result, partially, of being near a major throughway,” said Kemmerer. “There are locals involves as well, but we know a lot of it are from outsiders. It’s a widespread problem, and not just here.”
The bill passed was a lower denomination. Kemmerer said the case is not a felony, but that by catching anyone involved in the process of passing counterfeit bills will deter others from doing the same.
Kemmerer added that the United States Secret Service assists in these cases by utilizing serial numbers that are printed on the bills. He said often they are ones passed all across the country.
If anyone can assist with this case by identifying the suspect, the truck or both, or who may have any information, is asked to contact Kemmerer. He can be reached by phone at 304-848-6122 or by email at If he does not answer, you are asked to leave a message with information.

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