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By Julie Perine on September 22, 2019 from City Faces via

Meet this week’s City Face, Teresa Lunsford
How long have you lived in Bridgeport? If not a lifelong resident, tell me what brought you here.
I moved to Bridgeport in 1986 from Petersburg, WV where my late father joined a medical practice. I graduated from Bridgeport High school in 1991, then left for a little while, but returned in 2003.
Are you married, have kids? Tell me about your family.
I have been married to Dave Lunsford – coming up on 15 years. We have two sons, Zachary, age 13 and an 8th grader at Bridgeport Middle School; and Matthew, age 12 and a 7th grader at BMS. I’m blessed to have my mom who lives less than a mile away, active and a member of All Saints Catholic Church.
What about pets?
We have fish and a four-month-old puppy named Roxy, a German shepherd and Golden Retriever mix.
Where do you work and what do you do there?
I am a special education teacher at BMS, working with all grade levels. I am also athletic trainer at BMS.
What are your hobbies/favorite past times?
I like golfing, kayaking, playing any sport, supporting WVU events, going on adventures with my family.
Favorite Bridgeport spot? 
That would be Bridgeport City Park. I like to walk the trail and there is always something going on there.
Why do you like about Bridgeport … why is this a good place to live?
Bridgeport is a small community with a big-time sense of pride. We all support one another in good times and bad. It has family-oriented events and wherever you go, you run into someone you know and can have a great conversation with them.
One – or more – of your favorite memories of something that took place in Bridgeport ...
I have lots of them! I am partial to Light Up Night when the whole town gathers to light the town Christmas tree.
What is your favorite WV spot outside of Bridgeport?
Tygart Lake. I like to be on the water.
How about your favorite place outside of WV?
Any beach.
What are some of your favorite things? Food/restaurant? Favorite color? Music genre/artist?
Evening fires by my firepit, surrounded by friends and family; Buffalo wings from Main Street Station or the Caboose, the color red, spending time with my girlfriends.
What is your best childhood memory?
Going outside to play ad not coming home until dark. You can’t really do that anymore.
Interesting fact about you and/or something you would like to add…
Some people say that I give the best hugs. What hey don’t know is that it benefits me as much as maybe it does them!

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