The Grapevine: Comfort of having God as a Partner

By Rosalyn Queen on April 01, 2021 from The Grapevine via

During this most Holy time of the year, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on our relationship with God.  What I find most surprising is that we do not seem to come to this point until later in life.  I am certainly not being negative about what point in life we come face to face with God, but if we truly believe, it would be so much easier when we are young.
I have always been a believer.  Being an Italian Catholic girl there was never a time when I did not know that weekly attendance at church was an Important part of my life as was the observance of Holy days and the sacraments such as baptism, weddings, confession, and communion.  I am sure that this served a purpose, when I was younger, but as I aged, I began to see that I had truly denied myself the comfort of having God as a partner.
This came to me full force when I was diagnosed with cancer.  A few of the most important words ever spoken to me were spoke by my doctor.  After he gave me my diagnosis, he said “you are not in charge of this, I am not in charge of this, there is someone bigger than you and me in charge.”
I continued to think of these words and perhaps I heard them before, but they now had an all-together different meaning.  I knew if I truly believed that these words were my salvation.  It takes a lot of courage to truly accept this phrase. Just for a second think about a happening in your life that you truly know you have no control over. Can you put it into his hands and honestly accept the outcome?  Am I saying this is the easy way out? No.
I am asking you to adopt this way into your life.   Next you must ask for the courage and the strength to accept His will.  It is so rewarding to really know that He is walking hand in hand with you. During this Easter season accept him.  Try writing on a piece of paper “I am not in charge.” Hang it on your door or refrigerator  and dwell on its meaning every day.  What a relief to know you have a partner.
My heart is heavy with the passing of my dear friend “Carmine Cann.”  There is much that will be said about his professional and political life this week but in a future column I will share with you my observations off his personal life and his family.  Condolences to his family and may he Rest in Peace.
Happy Easter, stay safe, stay healthy and until next week “Now You Have Heard It Through The Grapevine.”

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