A Little Know-Howe: After 12 Years, WVU and Hokies to Renew Rivaly in Football the Way it Should Be

By Brad Howe on September 02, 2017 from A Little Know-Howe via Connect-Bridgeport.com

I can remember the moments as if they happened last week. 
Grant Wiley jumping over the Virginia Tech line to stuff the run near the end zone. 
Brian King with the pick in the back of the end zone to seal the win. 
Rasheed Marshall to Travis Garvin for a 93-yard touchdown. 
Holding the Black Diamond Trophy while waiting to hand it off for the presentation in the team lockerroom following a WVU win (in my previous life as an assistant athletic director at WVU). 
Jahmille Addae delivering one of the hardest hits I've seen in a football game. 
  • I still contend it was a bad call regardless of what Bob Davie and Mark Jones said on ESPN that day while calling the game. 
  • Yes, I remember the announcers. I told you these moments were locked in my memory. 
And finally, yes, even Michael Vick scrambling down the sideline on the run that would set up Shane Graham's 44-yard field goal to win it for the Hokies. The years often run together, but moments stand out. I expect that's true for many of you as well. 
Greed and conference realignment may have robbed us of more than a decade of fun when it comes to West Virginia and Virginia Tech, but the wait is over.  I realize it's cliche, but it truly does boggle my mind that we've waited 12 years for this game. 
It's been so long between games, there are only a few people on each sideline that have lived this rivalry. The players were young kids when it was last played. Sure, they've heard all about what this matchup once meant. They will know it's big when they run out of the tunnel Sunday and see (and hear) a sold out FedEx Field. It won't take long for the players to understand what's at stake.
But, they haven't LIVED it. You have. This one is for the fans. 
I could make a convincing argument that no school lost more in terms of rivalries due to conference realignment than WVU. Some schools lost a major rival when realignment took hold.
West Virginia lost TWO. The Backyard Brawl with Pitt, gone. Virginia Tech put on ice for 12 years. 
I've missed those games. You've missed those games. Now, the wait is over. 
Tech and West Virginia meet for the 52nd time on Sunday. A rivalry renewed on a national stage, in front of a sold out crowd.
College football as it should be. 
Editor's Note: Top photo shows Grant Wiley jumping over the Virginia Tech line to make a goal line stand, while the second photo shows Tony Gibson celebrating in 2002. Wiley is again show in action in the third photo, while Brian King races along the back of the end zone following what proved to be a game-sealing interception below. All photos courtesy of WVU Sports Communications.

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