BHS Alumna Kristin Krall Delving Deeper into the Entertainment World; NYC-Based Career Involves Voiceover Work, Production and Development of her Very Own Content

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In February of 2014, Connect-Bridgeport reported on 2002 Bridgeport High School graduate Kristin Krall’s voiceover career in the Big Apple. At that time, she had landed several national TV commercials, including Jenny Craig, Dick’s Sporting Goods, JC Penney, MTV, Google, Samsung, Gerber, USA Today and Avon.
She’s still at it – continuing to excel in that career and branching out into others. The three facets of the entertainment industry in which she is working are somewhat of a trinity. They all bring together TV shows and film that connect with people, sometimes changing their perspective or even their lives.
To juggle it all, Krall is burning the midnight oil, literally, but she has faith it will all pay off.
Voiceover is still very present in Krall’s life. Auditions are always a process. They are quite time consuming and competition is deep.
“Even when you’re at the top of your game, you’re not going to book most of what you audition for,” she said.
Yet, she has landed some major ones. In addition to long-term work with Kohl’s, she serves as the voice for a national Sunoco campaign. As Sunoco is a sponsor of the National League of Professional Baseball Clubs, Krall has also recorded a series of radio spots for that organization and its affiliate teams.
“Working with huge teams like the Yankees, Tigers and Red Socks has been thrilling,” she said. “I did it last summer too.”
The second niche Krall has found in New York City is production; a venture which has really taken off in recent months.
“I’ve been line producing commercials over the last several years which basically means I’m in charge of the budget and putting together production, along with the creative side – like the client and the brand,” she said.
Her work has run the gamut, from a global women’s campaign through the highly-acclaimed global advertising agency Droga5 to being part of the production team for the NBC drama/musical series, “Rise.”
“‘Parenthood’ and ‘Friday Night Lights’ are two of my favorite shows, so to work with Jason Katims, the shows’ creator, and other people I’ve admired for years was amazing and I built incredible relationships,” Krall said.
2018 brought Krall the opportunity to work on “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” which she said was a total dream.
“Getting to work with female industry powerhouses like Tina Fey, Ellie Kemper and Jane Krakowski and truly be part of the creative process; that was so special. And Emmy Award-winning Jerry Kupfer couldn’t be a better producer to assist and learn from.”
Since February, Krall has also been working with “Marvel’s The Punisher,” a television series created for Netflix.
“Marvel’s reputation precedes itself. Their comics have been around for years,” she said. “And working for a company like Marvel, you are also getting hired by ABC and Disney, who own the company. The production caliber doesn't get any higher.”
Her work on the series comes along with long, intense hours, but Krall approaches it all with enthusiasm, keeping her eye on her goal 
The last facet of her NY-based work is the development and pitching of her original work.
“Ultimately, that’s the larger goal – having my own shows produced and distributed internationally,” she said.
With that endeavor, Krall said she has built relationships with networks like IFC, Comedy Central, NBC and many inspiring "giants" in the business.
“Myself and my talented collaborators work on developing this material –  both scripted and non-scripted,” she said. “Quality content, talent, timing and technical skill are just a few of the many pieces that come together when landing distribution for original content. We're at a point with some of our projects where attracting the interest of a veteran showrunner/producer in the industry could be the key to opening some doors that we haven't necessarily been able to unlock on our own."
Krall’s work has been diverse; from unscripted pieces highlighting non-profit, Paper Fig Foundation's ( sustainability efforts in East Africa, to a timely scripted piece centered around LGBT community and the relationship questions millennials face in today's climate. She is also working on a docuseries project, "The Stylist's Chair."
“We’re working with world-renowned hairstylists in the industry and uncovering their process and the story behind their success,” she said. “A lot of stylists in the show have done incredible work beyond work in the hair world. Many are connected to a cause.”
Krall's orignial work has found success at film festivals and she shared that her material could be picked up by the right distribution platform at any time. She feels confident that paying her dues, so to speak, will eventually lead her to a place whwere she can - for the most part - set her own hours, even if they remain to be long ones. 
She looks forward to a day when she can spend more time with her beloved partner, parents, close family and friends, including those back in her hometown of Bridgeport. Perhaps she will even have the opportunity to shoot in this wild, wonderful state, she said.
In the meantime, shes doing what she has to do to achieve her goals.
“I’ve been juggling all these pursuits and working on these large-scale shows with the intention of building lasting relationships with folks who have proven to be some of the best in the business," she said. “Learning from them has been both humbling and immensely inspiring. If I can continue to have a larger footprint in creating content that enriches people's lives for the better, I will feel I've fulfilled a deeper purpose. The film and television industries have that power: To affect society as a whole, making the world feel like an infinitely more connected and hopeful place. 
Krall lives in Brooklyn with her partner, musician/artist Tim Leopold and their King Charles Spaniel, Charleigh.
Read the 2014 story about Krall, also a graduate of Shenandoah University, where she studied vocal teaching, HERE.

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