Bridgeport High School Alum Doug Soule Selected as Editor-in-Chief for WVU's Daily Athenaeum

By Trina Runner on April 30, 2018 via

While interviewing a source for a story, 2017 BHS Alum Doug Soule’s phone lit up with a message that has defined his college experience.  The message informed Soule that he was selected as the new Editor-in-Chief for West Virginia University’s newspaper, The Daily Athenaeum 
“I somehow managed to maintain my composure and finish the interview before I could fully embrace this opportunity,” said Soule.  “I am so excited to start my Sophomore year as the Editor-in-Chief for the independent, student news source.”
Last summer, Soule served as an intern for The Daily Athenaeum and started his Freshman year as the Assistant News Director of the publication.  Throughout the year, he not only wrote his own stories, but also edited the work of others. 
“I have had the opportunity to network with professional and student journalists and have built a relationship with the community and with the university,” he said. 
Never one to shy away from hard news, Soule focused on issues that would impact the lives of the students at West Virginia University.  He covered the Campus Carry Bill and the plan to tax graduate assistants, making his mark as a journalist on campus.
“I was able to help an amazing group of student journalists with their reporting,” he said.  “Watching their journalistic abilities grow was incredibly satisfying as an editor and it was a testament to the powers of the student publication.”
As the Editor-in-Chief, Soule will be offering students a multi-media environment that will teach them skills with broad benefits in the world of journalism.
“My involvement with this student publication has defined my college experience and I am so excited to be selected for such a prestigious position,” said Soule. 

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