Bridgeport High School Graduate and DNR Officer Ben Riley Opens Country Roads Security, LLC

By Julie Perine on January 20, 2018 via

A 1996 graduate of Bridgeport High School, Ben Riley has a 17-year career in law enforcement. After stints in Wisconsin, Colorado, Utah and with the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources, he has gained experience and wisdom in crime - and crime prevention. The Bridgeport resident has decided to put it to good use.
As he continues his career with the WVDNR, Riley has launched Country Roads Security LLC.
“We provide guarding and patrolling, loss protection, event security, facilities protection, property protection and private investigation,” he said.
There are several scenarios when the services could prove to be very useful.
“Oil and gas companies often have a lot of issues on well sites with theft, as do construction sites," Riley said. "We also see in the industry that there is expensive mining equipment that sets for a week or so until it can be placed in the mines. We can provide a security guard for those specific sites.”
He knows the business, the individuals who can perform the work and the fact that there's a need for the services in the local area. It makes sense for him to coordinate the need with the service, providing protection and peace of mind.
Riley said he wants to offer general security services, but target some unique services too.
“For instance, we are looking into running radar for water trucks; those big tanker trucks that go up and down the highways,” he said. “These guys speed on certain roads and we’re looking at doing internal radar for certain companies.”
Riley said he has contemplated starting this business for quite some time.
“West Virginia is growing, especially here and into Morgantown. There are areas of opportunity and not a lot of local West Virginia secondary companies that are available,” he said.
Riley will utilize the services of off-duty police officers and other qualified individuals who meet necessary criteria to provide short-term and long-term security services.
With his Web site in place,, he is working to secure contracts with clients. He’s doing that by making personal visits to potential clients and apprising them of his services.
“This is a business that has to be promoted face-to-face and by word of mouth,” he said. “I’ve been part of this community for a long time. People trust me and I feel I can offer this community something unique.”
For the meantime, Riley will operate the business out of his Bridgeport home.
“In the future – when I hopefully have enough contracts up and running – I hope to move to a permanent brick and mortar location,” he said.
After graduating from BHS, Riley majored in biology and minored in sociology at the University of Wisconsin. While in Wisconsin, he worked as a deputy sheriff. He also worked four years as a deputy in Colorado and eventually took a job as a natural resource police officer in Utah. 
“Then I came back home and started this job (with the DNR) on Sept. 10, 2010,” he said.
Riley and his wife Kim have two sons: Orlando and Aidric, both who attend elementary school here in Bridgeport.
To learn more about Country Roads Security LLC, visit the Web site or contact Riley at or call 304-841-4515. 

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