"Greatest Gift Imaginable" Bestowed on Bridgeport's Lynn Bennett; Reunited with Son after 47 Years

By Trina Runner on June 03, 2018 via Connect-Bridgeport.com

The subject line simply read, “Shocker” in the email that Bridgeport’s Lynn Bennett sent to her brother Doug Wiley last fall.  That may have been the understatement of the year, as she also revealed she was a grandmother.  What followed was a long explanation that she found out that the baby she gave up for adoption nearly 48 years ago had found her and wanted to meet her. In 1970, only her brother and parents knew Bennett was pregnant, so the news was, indeed, a “shocker.”
Although Bennett’s biological son, who grew up with the name Mike Smith, had always known he was adopted, it was a gift from his adoptive parents that ultimately led to the reunion with Bennett.  His adoptive parents, Jeannie and Al Smith, bought him an Ancestry.com DNA kit as a Christmas gift.  After almost two years of the kit sitting on his dresser, it was his father that encouraged him to “just take the dang test” last July.
Several weeks after submitting the test, Smith received the results, including the news that another Ancestry.com DNA search participant was a 100% match to be his birth mother.  What followed was a series of events that included a certified letter being delivered to Bennett and an unforgettable reunion that continues to bless both families.
“There are few things in seventy years that can be described as life changing,” said Bennett.  “Nothing could have prepared me for this wonderful news and I have received the greatest gift possible-the love of a child and his family.”
After emails were exchanged, Smith called Bennett and wanted to meet in person in the Spring of 2018.  As the anticipation grew, Smith’s visit was moved to December of 2017.
“When he called, we talked for over an hour and it was amazing how natural it all was,” said Bennett.  “It was as if we had known each other for years and we had a lot in common.”
On December 8, Mike, his wife Jackie and his two young sons arrived in Bridgeport and greeted Bennett with a big hug.  Her brother, Doug and his wife joined shortly after and the family spent three days together getting to know each other.
“Over the years, my only hope was that he was having a good life,” said Bennett.  “His parents are wonderful and have also become part of my family. I know now that this Is part of God’s plan for me and his mom made me feel so good about the choice I made so many years ago and the happiness it brought to their lives.”
The family has been together four weekends since December, including last weekend for Memorial Day.  Bennett visited Smith for his birthday in February and celebrated a very special “1st birthday” with him, making way for many more celebrations as a family.  After considering the nature vs. nurture debate, Bennett has seen the benefits of both while getting to know Smith. 
“I have seen so many common characteristics between Mike and my family members, but I have also seen the result of the amazing job his parents have done raising him and the love they have shared,” said Bennett.  “This is by far the greatest gift I have ever received and I can’t wait to experience life with this new family.”

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