Hit By A Drunk Driver, BHS Alum Brennan Yeater Sustains Multiple Injuries; Go Fund Me Page Set Up

By Trina Runner on December 24, 2018 via Connect-Bridgeport.com

While working on Thanksgiving morning, 2014 Bridgeport High School alum Brennan Yeater was struck head-on by a drunk driver in Morgantown.  He suffered numerous injuries, followed by several surgeries that have left him immobile.  His left hip and pelvis were shattered and his left knee was punctured.  His right wrist, hand and fingers were broken and his right leg, ankle, and toes are broken.  He also 
suffered facial lacerations and a broken orbital bone.
Miraculously, he did not suffer any traumatic brain, neck or spinal injuries, but even after several surgeries, he is still non-weight bearing on both sides of his body. Currently, Yeater is undergoing treatment and rehabilitation at Fairmont Health and Rehabilitation Center.  As it stands now, he will continue treatments at the center for up to a year, with a possibility of more surgeries in the future. Although Yeater has a very long road ahead of him, he is determined to walk again.
As one can imagine, devasting events such as this carry with them physical, emotional and financial burdens that continue long after the initial accident.  Yeater’s insurance will only cover a small portion of the medical expenses incurred from the ambulance, emergency room, surgeries, and medical appointments.  Additionally, he is unable to take classes or earn an income while recovering. Even when he is able to return home, he will need ongoing care, special equipment, and physical therapy.
“The community has been so supportive and kind as our family adjusts to a new normal,” said Yeater’s mom, Letitia.  “We very much appreciate all the prayers and know that they are working.”
Yeater’s friends created a GoFundMe page in order to offset some of the expenses the family is incurring. All proceeds will go directly to Brennan and his family and the post gives his Bridgeport community an opportunity to contribute to his healing.  Those interested in donating can CLICK HERE.  
“The support we have received so far has made such a difference to Brennan,” said Letitia. “Although this is a very trying time, we have faith that he will recover.”

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