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By Hannah Edwards on October 01, 2017 from City Faces via

Take a minute to meet this week’s City Face, Bill Shaver, sponsored by Higinbotham & Higinbotham, PLLC.
How long have you lived in Bridgeport?  I have lived in Bridgeport for 16 years
Where are you originally from?  Originally from Clarksburg
Are you married? Yes. My wife's name is Cyndi.
Children? We have one child, Katie, who is 12 years old.
Favorite color? Blue
Where do you work? I am a 7th and 8th grade social studies teacher at Bridgeport Middle School
Favorite Bridgeport spot?  Bridgeport City Park because that was my daughter's favorite place when she was little. A lot of good memories.
Favorite WV spot outside of Bridgeport?  Crystal Lake in Doddridge County
Favorite place outside of WV? Myrtle Beach
Favorite restaurant? Las Trancas
Best childhood memory? Going to the playground during the summer and playing some sport, football, basketball or baseball all day with my friends.
Favorite musical group?   I don't know if I have one favorite musical group. My taste in music is pretty eclectic. It pretty much depends 
on what mood I am in.
Pets? We practically have a zoo. I really believe that we would have one of every kind of pet you could have if my daughter had her say. We have four guinea pigs, two fish, a frog and a dachshund.
Hobbies? Traveling to interesting places in our state, reading
Interesting fact about me? I was born on Leap Day. February 29th.

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