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Please take a moment to check out this week’s City Face, Anne Bartlett.
How long have you lived in Bridgeport?  I’ve lived in Bridgeport for most of my life.  My husband and I currently reside on property Land granted to my father’s family, Robert Faris, by the Governor of Virginia before West Virginia was a state. My father was so proud of his family and this farm.  We are so proud to live on it and maintain its beauty.
Where are you originally from?  Right here.
Are you married?  I am so blessed to be married to Troy Bartlett.  We share a strong faith in God and Country. He taught me the love of hunting and the great importance of conservation of wildlife and the land we our fortune enough to hunt on.  We share the same love of the woods, anywhere outdoors, and animals!
Children? We are thrilled too announce the birth of our BEAUTIFUL GRANDDAUGHTER, Renly Anne Wallace, to our daughter Amanda Wallace and her husband Alex.  We also have three additional grandchildren, Gabe, Ella, and Silas Bartlett, to our son Justin Bartlett and his wife, Katy.  Ivy Harbert and her husband Evan. Michael Sabatino and his significant other Alexandra Griffin and Joshua Sabatino.
What is your favorite color?  Always Pink, unless of course its football season, then it’s a combination of Blue & Gold, and Black & Yellow!!!
Where do you work?   My husband Troy and I are the very proud owners of the newly opened Camp Cupcake Dog Kennel!!  We are so proud of our sent up.  We offer the largest kennels in the area. Families like their furbabies to be together so we offer 10 x 10 and 5 x 10’s. Single furbabies also have a large kennel at 4 x 8.  The Campers receive lots of attention and much less time in a kennel. We are hoping our unique approach starts forcing some positive changes in this industry.
Favorite Bridgeport spot?  Deegan and Hinkle Lakes Park. We are fortunate enough to live in that area but we also enjoy the beauty of the
lakes and the walking trail.
Favorite WV spot outside of Bridgeport?  Tygart Lake in Grafton.  My family and I have been spending time there in the summer for as long as I remember.
Favorite place outside of WV?  Anywhere that involves woods, ocean and/or sand!!
Favorite restaurant? I’m an Italian food lover so its always a toss up between Oliverio’s, Minards, and Muriales.
Best childhood memory? Riding horses on the family farm is probably what I remember most but learning so many things from my father like running a tractor and fixing fences is what makes me smile.
Favorite musical group?  Always a Def Leppard fan from the 80’s.
Pets? Two beautiful labs!! Samson and Jewel. Three ornery goats! Sprinkles, Bo and Ralphie. Twelve chickens!!!  We also board 15 horses and as we are not their owners, we feel like they are a part of our family.
Hobbies? We love taking the top of our Jeep Wrangler and going anywhere the road takes us!!
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