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Please take a moment to check out this week’s City Face, Chris Mullet.
How long of you lived in Bridgeport?I moved to Bridgeport in 2018.
Where are you from originally?I was born in Fairmont, but raised in Hagerstown Maryland and Greensburg Pennsylvania.
Are you married?In 2018. I am married the most amazing woman in the world, Trina Runner.
Children?I have three biological and two bonus children. Daniel, Jake, Eli, Olivia and Molly. 
What is your favorite color? All of them.
Where do you work?I am the Executive Director of the Epilepsy Foundation West Virginia. 
Favorite Bridgeport spot?My favorite spot in Bridgeport is on our back deck, connecting with Trina after work or grilling out with our family. 
Favorite WV spot outside of Bridgeport?Thomas or Fayetteville 
Favorite place outside of West Virginia?Wintergreen/Charlottesville, VA
Favorite Restaurant? Muriale’s
Best childhood memory?Running the neighborhood with my buddies. 
Favorite musical group?Whoever I’m listening to live in a small venue. 
Pets?Two full-time: A dog, Tobi, and a cat, Popcorn. Two part-time dogs: Karma and Ava. 
Hobbies?Travel, learning, movies, reading, theater and music. 
Interesting fact about you?My first job was selling Burpee vegetable and flower seed packets door-to-door at the age of six. 
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