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By Hannah Edwards on November 26, 2017 from City Faces via

Meet this week’s City Face, Ashley Edgell, sponsored by Higinbotham & Higinbotham, PLLC.
How long have you lived in Bridgeport? I have lived in Bridgeport my whole life. 37 years.
Where are you originally from? I am from Bridgeport.
Are you married? I have been with my husband Jason Edgell for 17 years but happily married for almost ten.
Children? I have two amazing kids, Jackson (9) and Scarlett (7)
What is your favorite color? My favorite color is purple.
Where do you work? I am a teacher at Bridgeport Middle School and I am so proud to work at the school that I attended and to be a part of this awesome community.
Favorite Bridgeport spot? It’s hard to choose because my family does everything here. We spend many of our nights at the ballfields and my kids and I spend many sunny days at the Bridgeport pool and walk to the Dairy Queen. 
Favorite WV spot outside of Bridgeport? My favorite spot outside of Bridgeport would have to be going to the Mountains. My family likes to go fishing in the mountains near the Cranberry River.
Favorite place outside of WV? My favorite place outside of West Virginia would have to be my parents cabin in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, or Gettysburg, Pa because we spend so much time in those places and have made so many memories with family.
Favorite restaurant? My favorite restaurant would have to be either Twin Oaks, Oliverios, Mia Margarita, or Meagers. Can I just say all of the above for this one? There are so many delicious places to eat in this town.
Best childhood memory? It's so hard to choose my best childhood memory because I was blessed with a wonderful childhood so I cherish all of my memories but my best would have to be sleeping on the floor of my parents’ bedroom with my sisters on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa to come.
Favorite musical group? My favorite musical groups is either Fleetwood Mac or U2.
Pets? I've never had any pets but my kids have 4 Hermit crabs.
Hobbies? I enjoy being at the dance studio and cheer gym watching my daughter and being at the ball field or ball court watching my son. I guess you could say my kids are my hobbies.
Interesting fact about you? My friend Marcy Pyka and I like to travel to different conventions and meet celebrities. Thanks to her I have been able to meet Norman Reedus (Daryl, The Walking Dead), Ian Somerhalder (Damon, Vampire Diaries), Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki (Winchester Brothers, Supernatural) , William Shatner, David Duckovny, and many more. I have met the majority of the Walking Dead Cast, Vampire Diaries Cast, and the Supernatural Cast.

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