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By Hannah Edwards on January 20, 2019 from City Faces via

Please take a moment to meet this week’s City Face, Tracy Gould.
How long have you lived in Bridgeport?  All my life
Where are you originally from?  Bridgeport
Are you married? Yes I am married to Keith Gould.  He is from Clarksburg and is an Attorney at the Miley Legal Group.
Children?   Yes I have 2 children.  MacKenzie is 15 and is a Sophomore at Bridgeport High School and Jack is 12 and attends Bridgeport
Middle with me.  MacKenzie is a member of the BHS Danceline and enjoys many other activities.  Jack enjoys playing baseball and basketball as well as many other activities. 
What is your favorite color?  Wow that’s tough.  How can I not say RED!!!
Where do you work? I am a 7th grade teacher at BMS.  I have an awesome group of team members I get to work with every day.  I am blessed!
Favorite Bridgeport spot?  I would have to say the Complex since I spend countless hours there!!! My son plays baseball and when you
play baseball you spend many hours at the ballfield!!
Favorite WV spot outside of Bridgeport?  I would have to say Snowshoe Resort!!
Favorite place outside of WV? Probably the family favorite....  Myrtle Beach.  We have vacationed there forever!!  Lots of great memories!!
Favorite restaurant? Well it’s definitely Italian.  I guess that’s a toss up between Twin Oaks and Muriales.
Best childhood memory? Again—vacationing at the beach with my family and now creating memories with my own children at the beach. 
Favorite musical group?   I don’t know that I have a favorite group.  I like all kinds of music.  Probably Pop and country are my favorites
Pets?  Of course,... We have an adorable Shih Tzu named Henry!!
Hobbies? Skiing, shopping and spending time with my family
Interesting fact about you? I have been in this new BMS building since it opened.  There are probably only 2 teachers currently at BMS that
can say that!

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