BMS Boasts Five Golden Horseshoe Winners in Statewide Ceremony

By Trina Runner on May 14, 2018 via

 There are nearly 22,000 eighth grade students who participate in the Golden Horseshoe test each year in hopes of becoming a Knight or Lady of the Golden Horseshoe Society.  The honor is reserved for those who best master the knowledge of the comprehensive West Virginia curriculum.
This year, Bridgeport Middle School had five students who were honored for their inclusion in The Golden Horseshoe Society on May 4, 2018.  Months of practice goes into learning all about West Virginia during the students’ eighth grade year. Memorizing facts, using lunchtime for Quiz Bowl, and committing counties to memory are just a few of the skills needed prior to taking the Golden Horseshoe Exam each March.   
This year’s winners from BMS include Gino Cava, Ashleigh Denson, Randy Keener, Brody Nolte and Elizabeth Rine.  These students are among good company as there have been over 15,000 students win the golden pin since its inception in the 1920’s. 
 The Golden Horseshoe pin represents a journey in which 50 brave men crossed the mountains to explore the western portion of Virginia in 1716.  The tradition of awarding the symbol stuck and has come to demonstrate state pride and knowledge among the more recent recipients. The 86-year-old tradition follows the dubbing ceremony indicating knighthood into the society. 
“I enjoyed the challenge of learning all about our state and wanted to see how well I would do,” said Keener.  “It’s awesome that five winners in Harrison County came from BMS and the whole experience was really fun.”
Each year, winners from all 55 counties are honored at a ceremony at the West Virginia State Capitol Complex in Charleston and treated to a luncheon at the Cultural Center.  In order to win, students must outscore their counterparts in both the school-wide and county-wide competitions and complete an essay on West Virginia current events.   
Students and their families had the opportunity to tour the capital after the award ceremony and had a reception held in their honor.  Governor Justice congratulated the winners and encouraged them to stay in West Virginia to create positive change.  State Superintendent of Schools Steven Paine welcomed the crowd and Betty Jo Jordan presided over the ceremony.  After the opening comments, students were cheered with a trumpet fanfare as they received their honors. 

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