Bridgeport High Well Represented at 2018 HOBY

By Trina Runner on June 11, 2018 via

Last September, over 22,000 students from all across the United States received invitations to attend the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) multi-day seminar with the theme of empower, lean, excel.  Known for their values of volunteerism, integrity, diversity and community partnership, HOBY is designed to motivate students to make a positive difference in the local, national and global community through compassionate leadership.
Nine Bridgeport High School students were among those who attended the HOBY experience at West Virginia University May 31-June 3.  The students were given an opportunity to meet other students from around the state and to work in small groups to hone leadership skills, plan community service projects, and identify goals for the upcoming year.
“It was such a wonderful experience to be surrounded by such motivated people and to feel the energy among the participants,” said BHS student Alden Smith, who plans to implement some of the activities locally.
Bridgeport’s participants were Allison Hess, Carson Winkie, Molly Runner, Nicholas Allen, Hannah Povroznik, Paislee Adington, Miranda Kress, Sophia Gorby, and Alden Smith.  Those on staff were Raeanne Beckner, Derek Hess and Caroline Fulks. Bridgeport’s Sophia Martino and Michelle Carter from Notre Dame High School also attended.
Through energizing activities, the participants learned teamwork skills, collaborative planning techniques and how to network with professionals.  They also had the opportunity to live in a dorm on campus and tour the many available activities at West Virginia University. Speakers conducted seminars to help them lead and serve in their individual communities and each participant was charged with logging at least one hundred community service hours in the upcoming year.
After leaving West Virginia HOBY, students are invited to continue their journey with the World Leadership Congress next summer.  The program will allow them to work closely with leaders in business, government, medicine, education and philanthropy while serving with students from all over the world.

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