Free Training and Practice Facility Offered by Local Couple; Training Traditions Continues to Expand at Pheasant Ridge

By Trina Runner on June 10, 2018 via

When Chris and Toma Courtney moved into their house at Pheasant Ridge, they had a pretty good idea of how to use the gym that sat directly behind the house.  In fact, the groundwork for their plans had been laid two years earlier in another county altogether.
“It all started with a wrestling camp in Webster County,” said Toma.  “We were approached by a friend to put on a three-day wrestling clinic at Webster County High School, where my husband, his brothers, and his dad coached about 20 kids.”
The following year, after moving to Pheasant Ridge, the family hosted another wrestling camp, with around 60 kids attending.  In 2016, the decided to officially start a non-profit that would provide a location for children to train and practice free of charge.  Thus, Training Traditions was born and continues to grow each year.
“Last year, we were fortunate to have volunteer clinicians such as Mike Mason and Mitch Smith attend the camp,” said Toma.  “We also had the 2016 Rio U.S. Olympian Andrew Bisek make an appearance.”
The wrestling camp for this year is slated for July 9-12 and is completely free of charge thanks to their non-profit organization.  Anyone interested can email Toma Courtney at
In addition to wrestling camp, the facility is used year-round for various sport teams.  Kids of all ages come and lift or condition throughout the week, all supervised by adults. 
“We decided to create the non-profit Training Traditions so that we could offer this facility to the kids at no charge,” said Toma.  “Our mission is to provide youth with the opportunity to stay active all year by giving them free access to gym equipment and training space and to keep the facility clean and safe.
This year, Training Traditions hosted their first fundraiser, a yard sale that brought in $2500.  On July 1, they will host a Bourbon and Cigar Night at P.J. Kelley’s from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.  Anyone interested in the event can call Ryan Courtney at 304-629-1815.
“The organization continues to grow and we are so thankful to the community for the support,” said Toma.  “We look forward to continuing to be a part of the sports community in Harrison County and allowing young athletes to train with us.”

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