Johnson Elementary School Students Head to the Harrison County Recreation Complex to Learn More about Science

By Connect-Bridgeport Staff on December 04, 2017 via

5th Grade students from Johnson Elementary School visited the Harrison County Recreation Complex this week to learn about all things science including a first to the area, Su-GO robotics, a LEGO program that combines building, programing and battling other robots. Other programs included rocket building and household science experiments.
“Recently, we went through a training session with NASA and it involved their basic robotics program,” related Deputy Director Doug Comer. “And, upon completion, our enrichment program was eligible to take the program off property and implement into our field day events for the next four weeks. So, the 1200 kids that visit the facility will be able to build and battle Lego robots before anyone else in the state. We are very fortunate to have a long-standing relationship with the folks at NASA.”
Kids ranging from Pre-K to middle school will take advantage of the enrichment program that not only discusses robotics but rocket building, life as an astronaut and other various science experiments that can be done with everyday household products. To see kid’s reactions about what is offered at the Recreation Complex really makes the program worthwhile as Comer explains.
“Whether it is a robot battle, a paper or straw rocket created by students or even the explosion of a diet coke bottle filled with Mentos mints, there is that certain ‘WOW’ factor that we are looking from the kids and no matter the age the kids really get a kick out of what we produce for them. All activities are hands-on and many of the products kids can take home with them.”
While many field days involve trips off campus to see plays, or even a trip to the city pool, parents in the area can expect that trips to the facility are educational and fun at the same time. The Parks Program, who opened registration late August, has met with various teachers and spoke to officials in Charleston to ensure that our program meets all state requirements.
“Yes, the day is definitely fun and we make sure that the education part of the program is intact,” said Comer. “We want kids to have a great time while on property, and we hope they accidently learn something in the process. The feedback has been positive and it starts with the teachers and trickles up to the County Commissioners, who have had our support from day one.”
If you would like more information about the programs, please contact Harrison County Parks and Recreation at 304 423-7800. 

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