BHS Financial Aid Night Slated for October 1; Free FAFSA Assistance for Parents

By Trina Runner on September 29, 2018 via

As the countdown begins for Bridgeport High School seniors, many families are also overwhelmed by the post-secondary financial obligations that last far beyond the prom and graduation. The Annual Bridgeport High School Financial Aid Night will help students and parents navigate the complicated and often confusing aspects of identifying financial resources for continuing education.
This year, the FAFSA is available on October 1, with the deadline of June 30,2018.  This gives families a few extra months to explore options and apply for grants and scholarships.  The BHS Financial Aid Night will take place from 6 p.m. to 8  p.m. in the school library on October 1.  It is free of charge and both students and parents are encouraged to attend.
Counselor Jane Byrd works year-round with students to make sure they have every opportunity to apply for scholarships, explore different college and dive into potential majors. Parents, however, often feel alone in their child’s transition from high school to college.  The resources seem plentiful but the information can be overwhelming, leaving families with approaching deadlines and no clue where to start the process.
The BHS Financial Aid Night is designed to give first-hand guidance to parents and students who are applying for any kind of financial aid.  Many families don’t realize that in order to qualify for the Promise, necessary forms must be filled out prior to the deadline.  
Brian Weingart, Senior Financial Aid Director of WV Higher Education Policy Commission and the Director of the Promise Scholarship, will present at the event, advising parents and students in the entire financial aid process.  Topics will include financial aid lingo, WV State financial aid forms, Promise Scholarship criteria, Federal Financial Aid options, Pell Grants, WV Smart 529 Plans, and the WV Higher Education Grant Program requirements.  
Weingart will walk families through the changes in the FAFSA, which will open on October 1, 2016, and lay out a planning timeline so all the deadlines don’t hit at once.  He will answer commonly asked questions and clarify errors to avoid.  Additionally, students will be taught how to track their eligibility updates on the Promise Scholarship.
More information can be found on, along with upcoming deadlines and qualifications for various scholarships.  The BHS Financial Aid Night is free and open to anyone.

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