Fifth Annual International Fair Brings the World to BHS

By Trina Runner on November 20, 2017 via

 Getting a passport stamped is not something one might think of when venturing into the BHS Cafeteria, but on November 15, hundreds showed up to do just that.  The Annual International Fair took place Tuesday evening, showcasing the culture, cuisine, and traditions of countries all over the world.
As part of the International Education Week, foreign language instructors Dr. Jenny Santilli, Alicia Kidd, and Dea Garrett orchestrated the event to raise awareness of the diversity at BHS and beyond.  Student booths represented Spain, Tunisia, Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, Vietnam, Sweden, Greece, Japan, Islam, Syria, Canada, France, China, Germany, Ireland, Puerto Rico, South Africa, India, and Costa Rica.
Each student was given a passport and encouraged to visit as many booths as possible to learn about the various countries.  Fairmont State University will be on hand to discuss the benefits of learning world languages, including career options and travel opportunities.
Dr. Santilli will discuss her summer experience fully immersed in all things Spanish, as she spent two weeks in Cuernavaca, Mexico in an intensive for language, culture and traditions.  She will share photos of her travels and elaborate on how learning another language has enriched her life.  Proven to increase brain power and memory, those who know more than one language are not only more employable, but also better at adapting to change and making decisions.
Now in its fifth year, the Bridgeport High School International Fair continues to offer an educational and entertaining evening for students and parents to enjoy.  One of the favorite parts of the evening is tasting foods from all the different countries. 
“The food, the informational booths and international students make the countries come alive as the students approach them.  They left excited about the similarities and differences of the countries and learned about what it is to be a teenager in countries other than America,” said Santilli.  “It’s also surprising to see how many countries are represented in West Virginia.”

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