Local Entrepreneur John Ebert Selected to Present on TEDx Talks in March

By Trina Runner on February 19, 2018 via Connect-Bridgeport.com

Thousands of inspiring individuals have recorded TEDx Talks from all around the world.  They range from science to business to global issues and they represent the best and brightest in each industry.  Bridgeport’s John Ebert will now be among those featured on TEDx Talks, selected for his unique path to success and his inspirational message to encourage others to take risks, build confidence, and follow their dreams.
Ebert was chosen from over 100 applicants vying for a chance to record for the website, which hosts short videos designed to embrace the power of ideas to change the world.  TEDxWVU challenged applicants with creating presentations that would create a spark of inspiration and lead listeners into a deeper conversation and connection. 
Ten of the applicants were chosen and they will do a live presentation recording of their speeches on March 2, 2018 in the Media Innovation Center at West Virginia University.  One hundred audience members will attend the recordings, which will be made public online shortly thereafter.
Ebert elected to practice his presentation with Bridgeport High School students on Monday, February 12 in the Bridgeport Middle School LGI Room.  Mixing humor, motivation and the importance of goal setting, he encouraged students to work hard, make sacrifices when needed, and keep a positive attitude.
The presentation included an interactive timeline of Ebert’s pathway to success as one of West Virginia’s most successful entrepreneurs.  At twelve years old, his father planted a seed for entrepreneurship that took him from Ohio to Indiana to Texas and, finally, to Bridgeport, West Virginia.  He now owns 41 McDonald’s restaurants and continues to educate, employ and empower the surrounding communities. 
Ebert’s experience as a baseball player for Notre Dame University and as an accountant with one of the top agencies in the country gave in insight into characteristics needed to be successful.  He found strength and confidence through his faith, through positive thinking and self-talk and through the support system of his family. 
He found that living an active lifestyle has taught him perseverance and resilience in the challenging times and that innovative ideas for businesses come about by listening to one’s staff and customers.
He once hosted a contest at the Shinnston McDonald’s to see who could eat there the most consecutive days, thinking it would last a few months at the most.  Instead, four participants lasted six years, one even missing walking his daughter down the aisle in order to win.  Luckily, Ronald McDonald stood in for him, a presentation slide that had everyone laughing,
Knowing the importance of giving back to the community, Ebert demonstrated some of the programs he initiated that have made a huge impact on Harrison County residents.  He hosts the McKid’s Baseball Fundamental Clinic and is now seeing his first round of participants acting as mentors for his new participants.  He also emphasized the lessons taught in the Leadership GRIT classes, which feature prominent local success stories presented to eighth grade students. 
One of his biggest contributions, though, has come through helping teens prepare for their ACT testing.  John Ebert’s Math ACT Prep classes started in 2012 and have now helped over 2200 students improve their scores.  He shared inspiring stories of some of the students who had excelled in the class and had the opportunity to earn scholarship and prestigious program admissions as a result.
By using techniques to simplify processes, the same concepts used in the math classes can be transferred to efficient work habits.  Ebert encouraged students to combine hard work and preparation with confidence-boosting self-talk in order to succeed.  He said that to be great, one must also inspire others to help themselves. 
Ebert’s TEDx Talk integrates his personal philosophy with proven techniques for achievement at both the personal and professional level.  He will be representing Bridgeport on an international platform that is sure to inspire countless others.

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