Frankie's Furry Friends: "Mutt Monday" Features Ralphie

By Connect-Bridgeport Staff on October 23, 2017 from Frankie's Furry Friends via

Ralphie is one of the most misunderstood animals at the Humane Society. It takes this guy a while to warm up to you. Once he does, he loves to be in your lap and give your chin lots of kisses. We think someone (most likely a man) mistreated him, and so he often reacts in fear when being picked up especially around his neck. But he deserves a chance in a quiet home with no kids, and maybe another small dog friend. He would also do well with cats.

He prefers women over men. He is 5 yrs old, and we believe a chihuahua & rat terrier mix, which come with what some call 'small dog syndrome'. They live by their own rules, and become very protective of themselves. And we think that is perfectly understandable. He is up to date on vaccines and wormer, and of course Ralphie is neutered. His adoption fee is $50, thanks to a sponsorship.
A training tip for dogs who may have issues related to the neck area. Whether they have been abused (possibly picked up incorrectly by neck), or have had injuries - some animals do become protective and reactive to leashes/collars or simply touching/petting the neck area. We suggest when first getting them home, to simply keep a collar & leash on the animal for several days. Do not pick them up to remove them from couch, lap, or whatever area you want them off. Give a firm vocal "down" and point, and if that doesn't work simply take the leash and lead them off of the area gently using the command at the same time. Then give praise & treats. Soon the animal will learn to follow the command and the leash can be removed.

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