Healthy Kids First: Healthy Eating and Fibromyalgia- How We Connected the Dots

By Mandy Curry on June 01, 2013 from Healthy Kids First via

For the next few months I’ll be featuring moms or experts in health and wellness that all have ties to Bridgeport.  This second interview is incredibly personal and gives you a look inside my Mom’s journey to cure a crippling disease.  
I started Healthy Kids Inc three years ago to help families adopt a healthy eating lifestyle.  At that time, it just felt like the “right” thing to do.  Healthy eating was on the rise and parents were struggling with it.  We had created a fool-proof system to help parents make the leap.  Problem solved! Let’s help the world! 
I was missing one important thing though and that was the “why” behind everything we were doing. 
Why should I really care about what my kids eat? 
What’s wrong with sugary drinks, ice cream, and loads of processed food? 
Why shouldn’t I opt for the quicker option instead of the healthier option? 
Why should I care about my kids now?  They won’t have to worry about sickness and disease until later in their life.
Having a clear “why” is what stands behind each family’s success (or lack thereof) with healthy eating.  Today I share my “why” with you.
I’ve now seen firsthand how the wrong foods can tear the body down and lead to disease, and how the right foods can heal it far beyond the strength of a pill.  How the right foods can add years to your life and the wrong foods can rip it away.  I’ve now seen how the wrong foods can wreak havoc on adult bodies, so I know more than ever that I will never take my child’s body down that path of destruction. 
It’s the age-old debate over the chicken and the egg.   I’m not sure which came first:  my Mom giving me the “why” for HKI or HKI giving my mom the knowledge to explore new options. Either way, our lives have forever been changed by each other.
My Mom was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1990.  It’s a rather unexplainable disease that impacts your muscles creating soreness, stiffness, fatigue, and a host of other symptoms.  One in 50 American’s are diagnosed with fibromyalgia and 90% of those cases occur in women. Approximately 50% of peoplewith fibromyalgia have difficulty with or are unable to perform routine daily activities and 30%-40% of fibromyalgia patients have to stop working or change jobs. 
Fibromyalgia is this hidden disease that women rarely talk about.  In fact, few probably even knew that my Mom had it and those that did, didn’t know or understand how bad it really was.  What I’ve found though is that once you start talking about it, nearly everyone knows someone impacted by it. 
Today we share her journey.  During this interview, my mom and I sit down to talk about:
  • Just how bad things got with her pain and the impact it had on her, and our family
  • The oh-so-many treatment plans we tested (the foot bath was our a-ha moment).
  • The 10-day DETOX (she why she still gags while walking down the vegetable juice aisle). 
  • How the gut impacts fibromyalgia and what she’s doing to repair hers.
It’s an intimate look inside of our family.  Hope you enjoy!
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