Healthy Kids First: The Paleo Diet

By Mandy Curry on June 22, 2013 from Healthy Kids First via

Over the new few months I'll be featuring moms, experts, and friends that have remarkable stories or knowledge to share about kids health and overall wellness.  This third interview blew me away and has been a new turning point in my family's healthy eating habits. 
My friend Lisa Lineberg from Charleston, WV has been a health and wellness expert for 20 years and during this interview she gives us the low-down on the Paleo lifestyle. ??
You've probably heard of the Paleo diet or even the Wheat Belly book.  During this interview we talk about the benefits of this healthy eating lifestyle.  If your great grandmother wouldn't recognize it, then it's probably not something we should eat (ie...oreo cookies and potato chips). 
In this interview we cover:
  • Why eating the right high quality fatty meats is o.k. and needed for a healthy brain and body.   
  • Why limiting breads and dairy from our diet can be a good thing.
  • Butter is back!  And how to find the right kind.
  • How to get your kids on board with healthy eating, what happens when they go to birthday parties, and why it's important to create a safe haven in our home for healthy eating. 
  • The best breakfast for your kids (and why cereal, skim milk, and fruit isn't the best start to their day).
  • Lisa's thoughts on childhood obesity and how the low-fat diet has actually contributed to childhood obesity. 
This interview had some major "a-ha" moments for me.  The last bullet point above hit me like a ton of bricks.  It's a must-see portion of the interview (15:30 in the video) and caused immediate changes in my family's diet.  

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