Healthy Kids First: This Video Can Help You Learn How Much Sugar is in Your Favorite Drinks

By Mandy Curry on March 16, 2013 from Healthy Kids First via

We talk a lot about sugar but sometimes visuals are the best way to create true shock-n-awe when it comes to just how much sugar our families consume each day.
March marks National Nutrition Month and if there’s one thing that we could all do to improve nutrition in our households, it’s to reduce the amount of sugary drink consumption.  From soda to juice boxes to sports drinks, these beverages are loaded with added sugar and they’re packing on the pounds for both kids and adults.
If you think a healthy alternative is diet pop or artificially sweetened drinks, think again.  Artificial sweeteners are actually worse than sugar. In fact, according to alternative health and wellness expert, Dr Joseph Mercola, “..sweetener lesson 101 is to avoid artificial sweeteners like the plague.”
Sometimes it’s hard to realize just how much sugar is in our drinks, so check out this video where my kids learn just how much sugar is in their favorite drinks.   You can also find me doing hands-on demos throughout the day with the kids at Simpson Elementaryduring their Health Fair on Thursday March 28.   I can speak from experience how impactful this exercise has been with my family.  Hope it has the same effect with yours.

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