Healthy Kids First: VIDEO: 20 Minute Healthy Meals

By Mandy Curry on September 22, 2013 from Healthy Kids First via

If you only had 20 minutes to get your healthy meals ready from start to finish each night, could you do it (without the use of fast foods or processed foods)?
I’m excited to share a new video with you this week.  It’s a peek inside of our kitchen as we geared up for a really wild week.  I’m sure your schedule is the same.   The traditional workday is really no match for what we face each evening.  Homework, ball games, dance practice…how did our evenings get to be so hectic? 
With the weekend upon us, this video might serve as a nice thought starter for your week ahead. I talk a lot about the value of prepping and organizing.  In this video, you’ll see exactly what that looks like and how it might benefit your busy family as well. 
This video happens to feature quite a bit of produce from the Bridgeport Farmer’s Market.  What an impressive event each week.   Make sure to check them out this Sunday from 10am-2pm. 

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