Time Travel: A 1970s Bridgeport Basement Band and Trip to Long-Time Clarksburg Pike Street Business

By Dick Duez on December 31, 2017 from History Blog via Connect-Bridgeport.com

While the band never took off, there were roots for one to get started back in the early 1970s here in Bridgeport. This photo is from 1974 on Pennsylvania Avenue and is believed to show the son of Bob Nichols - Roger, believed to be to the right - working on the bad in the basement. Dr. Mike Hess is believed to be to the left and the drummer's identity is uncertain. If you know if the identities are correct or can properly ID those pictured, please add in the comment section below.
Not 100 percent certain on the business, but it was either the Diamond Shoe Shine Parlor or New York Hat Cleaners located a 347 West Pike Street in downtown Clarksburg across from the Waldo Hotel and by the Strand Pool Hall. The business in that location was owned by Angelo Alastanos and pictured above is his brother Steve. If you have more information about this photo, feel free to comment below.
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