Time Travel: Recalling Former Mayor Joe Deegan and a Route 50 "Famous" Hamburger Restaurant

By Dick Duez on September 17, 2017 from History Blog via Connect-Bridgeport.com

This man is former Bridgeport Mayor Joe Deegan in a photo that waas taken behind his house located at the intresection of Davisson and Oakdale in the summer of 1950. Joe was Bridgeport's mayor on three different occasions in the time period between 1935 and 1950. He is shown here family. At this time, he was working on the development of the upper lake that now is known as Deegan Lake. Deegan was also B&O Station Master for several years and was good friends with Michael Benedum.
This little jewel of a roadside restaurant along U.S. Route 50 is "Harrison's" and was know for its famous hamburgers, or "hamburgs" as the sign says. Located in Mineral County, it was one of many that saw better days before the growth of the interstate system.
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