It's Happening: Dancing with Daddy

By Julie Perine on March 17, 2019 from It’s Happening via

I have a vivid memory of when I was a little girl. I was with my parents and younger sister at the Christmas party of Weimer Packing Company. My dad worked at the Wheeling-based meat packing company, which threw an extravaganza of a holiday party each year. There was a fancy dinner, fancy decorations, a visit from the real Santa and Mrs. Claus – who gave us shiny new toys – and, my favorite, a live band playing dance music.
My parents danced to the big band classics of the ‘60s, but my dad also took his little girls a whirl on the dance floor. And it meant the world to me. In my pretty dress, I was dancing with the most handsome, awesome man in the whole wild world – my daddy. He taught me how to two-step and he was very smooth on his feet. I felt like a princess.
That is one reasy why I loved looking at all the pictures from Friday evening’s Mardi Gras-themed Father-Daughter Dance for Simpson Elementary school girls and their daddies. There was dancing, but beforehand, there were flowers, dinner dates and plenty of photo ops. I’ve collected a few of these photos and I invite you to send me yours, also.
You girls all looked absolutely beautiful and you daddies have made lasting memories for your daughters; memories they will treasure forever.
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