It's Happening: Making a Habit of FlyCKB's Direct Allegiant Flights to Orlando

By Julie Perine on June 13, 2017 from It’s Happening via

I think I’ve officially become a regular on North Central West Virginia Airport’s Allegiant flights 664 and 665 to and from Orlando. Thanks to awesome friends who are willing to share their Orlando home in close proximity to the beach and Disney, I’ve visited twice in the last six weeks. And those weren’t my first trips.
Although some may differ, my experiences have been nothing but smooth sailing and the price cannot be beat. On selected travel dates in July, one-way trips are as low as $43. I didn’t plan far enough in advance to get that kind of deal, but it was still very affordable and without checking bags and by utilizing the Allegiant app for check-in service, I could leave my Bridgeport home and be in Florida in three hours or slightly less. That’s my kind of traveling.
Where cheap flights can get you is that there is about a $20 add-on fee for checking a bag (each way), taking a carry-on (each way) and selecting your seat on the flight (each way). So most times, I opt out of all of that. Passengers are allowed a personal item so I pack my quilted summer bag to the gills and that’s plenty of clothes for a four-day trip. And if I'm by myself, I don't really care where I sit.
One trip, I took my laptop and did splurge the $6 for priority access, which came along with a yellow security card, eliminating the need to unpack the computer during security check and – though I didn’t care much about this – I was able to board first. You’re also permitted to keep your shoes on through security but I live in in flip-flops during the summer so, again, I didn’t care about that. I did find out, however, that those procedures weren’t the case for the return trip from Orlando-Sanford International Airport. I still had to unload the laptop, etc. So I will probably skip that next time.
There is also a $13 electronic usage charge when booking airline reservations via the Web site so upload the Allegiant app and book from there. Through the app, you have a 24-hour window for check-in service and can access your boarding pass from your phone. You can also check in through the Web site and print your boarding pass. Both options save time at the airport and eliminate the need to arrive any earlier than an hour before departure time. (This is true in small airports, at least.) If you don’t check in and access your boarding pass, the airport will print for you for a fee of $5. Again, little savings add up!
I know passengers like to eat and drink on the plane, but it always strikes me funny that flight attendants set up service during a flight which - at its quickest during times I was along for the ride -only lasted an hour 36 minutes. To get it all done, they have to start right after the plane is in the air. You cannot pay with cash and obviously items are pricey. But because I love M&Ms while I’m reading, I did splurge $3 for them once. (The other times I remembered to buy them at the airport before leaving.)
In all of my experiences, I've found staff members of the airport, TSA and Allegiant to be very friendly, accommodating and professional. They get the job done, but aren't afraid to have a little fun - like asking everyone to settle into their seats for their trip to Las Vegas. PHSYCHE!
Finally, make sure you have a valid photo ID – either a driver’s license or passport. During my first Orlando trip, I had just been issued a temporary DL and was subject to a full pat down before boarding. Again, no big deal. I appreciate the fact that they are careful.
Before landing in Bridgeport, the flight overshoots the runway – hovering over Fairmont before turning around and going in for the landing. During a recent trip, I captured this video. Though I just came back from Disney, I find the take-off and landing more thrilling than any ride at the famed theme park.
Thank you #FlyCKB and Allegiant for teaming up for this nice little flight. Renovations completed in recent months provides for more waiting space for outgoing passengers and more efficient exits for incoming travelers. And there are always a couple members of our city police force on standby, securing everyone's safety. 
Bridgeport is home and where the heart is. But Orlando sure has lots of perks to offer. That is obvious by the big smiles and Mickey Mouse ears sported by the little return passengers.
I will be going back.
Reservations for Allegiant flights to Orlando or Myrtle Beach can be made HERE.

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