It's Happening: Promposals and Fuzzy Class Rings

By Julie Perine on August 20, 2017 from It’s Happening via

I’ve noticed some chit chat on social media about homecoming dance proposals. Such is the trend that boys are coming up with creative ways to ask girls to the dance. It’s been going on for at least four years as I remember my son putting a lot of thought into how he would invite his freshman homecoming date. I remember thinking it was very sweet. He asked her friends what she liked and they even helped him pull off a surprise. In a world of cyberspace overload, I love any opportunity for kids to talk and work together face-to-face.
He’s been to three school dances since then. It would have been four, except he came down with mono just before last year's Sadie Hawkins dance. His super cute date – and one of his good friends – came to the door with a little tackle box (Jacob is a die-hard fisherman) full of some of his favorite goodies – and a note, of course, asking him to the dance.
It's cute and thoughtful, but I also don't think anyone should freak or panic if they're out of ideas, resources - or time. A good old-fashioned verbal proposal works just fine too. 
Some of the “promposals” I’ve seen have been simple; others more elaborate. I think it’s a cool trend. Forty years ago (and I can’t believe that I just said that), we had our own trends. If you were “going steady” with a boy, he usually gave you his class ring, which could be worn on a chain around your neck, but preferably on your own ring finger, wrapped with layers of angora yarn to make it fit. Then, you would take a toothbrush and fuzz the yarn up around the setting. My friends and I would get together with our balls of yarn and trade colors, working away on our rings while we shared our latest boyfriend stories.
Lettermans’ jackets and senior class keys were also passed on to the girlfriend; sort of an outward sign that he was your guy; that you were going  together and not just dating. These days, the term “dating,” from what I understand, is the equivalent to our “going steady” and now “talking” is like our “dating.”
I think.
You never know. Some of the trends may repeat themselves; though I doubt we’ll ever see the boys wear ruffled shirts under their pastel tuxedo with tales and accessorized with a top hat. It’s also not likely that the girls will start wearing polyester gowns with puffy sleeves.
Change makes the world go round. And all these little things help boys and girls learn how to interact with one another and it’s all harmless fun.
Anything that promotes love and happiness is good in my book. Plus some day these kids will get to tell their kids how they used to ask their dates to the dance.

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