Area Man Jumps into Frozen Pond to Help Remove Woman from SUV Sinking into Body of Water

By Connect-Bridgeport Staff on January 03, 2018 via

According to this report from WBOY, a Doddridge County man jumped into a frozen pond to save a woman from her sinking SUV.
"The car was on its top right here. After I got her out she said she rolled over three times and landed here" said, Quintin Davis, Doddridge County resident.  
It was 6:30 a.m. Tuesday morning when Quinton Davis heard a scream for help and jumped to the rescue.
Davis said, "I heard a noise and I looked out the window and saw that there had been a car flipped over in my pond. So I rushed out, and I heard the girl screaming, so I knew she was okay."
Davis then ran to the pond and broke the ice away from the woman's SUV.
"It was a necessity and it was very cold and she would have never been able to get that door opened."
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Editor's Note: Photo is a screen shot from WBOY's report showing debris from the car and near the bank of the pond.

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