Bridgeport High School DECA Hosts Free Scholarship Nights to Aid Seniors in their Search

By Trina Runner on December 04, 2017 via

With only six months left till graduation, Bridgeport High School seniors are busy with pictures, transcripts, financial aid and college applications.  Among all the chaos, finding scholarships can be very overwhelming.  BHS DECA decided to host once-a-month scholarship nights to give the soon-to-be graduates some undistracted time to concentrate on the process.
“Most students intend to look for scholarships on their own, but there are so many out there, it can get confusing,” said BHS senior Sebastian Meade.  “The Scholarship Nights help us determine what to include when asking for letters of recommendation and how to narrow down the search to scholarships that apply specifically to each of us.”
The students are guided to sites and categories that aid in the search for scholarships and grants and are encouraged to work on their own to apply for them. 
“Having a couple of hours a month to do nothing but focus on the process allows students to organize the scholarships according to deadlines and types.  It has been a beneficial process for the students and BHS DECA provides the service for free,” said counselor Jane Byrd, who also offers extensive workshops on financial aid, the college application process and college exploration.
The next Scholarship Night will be held in room 205 at BHS on December 12 from 4:30-6:00p.m. 
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