City of Bridgeport Submits Levy Election Information: A Detailed Look into Funding for Public Safety

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Editor's Note: The following is one in a series of stories/opinion pieces on the upcoming levy election in Bridgeport. The stories are written and submitted by the City of Bridgeport
Public Safety Levy Information
On February 16, 2019, Bridgeport residents will have the opportunity to VOTE YES to continue their support of the City of Bridgeport Levy-Funded Projects. Over the next two months, we will publish six articles that will breakdown the levy to discuss how the monies are distributed. We hope citizens will continue to show their approval of the levy and the projects it supports and has supported in the past.
The Levy dates back 30+ years in Bridgeport and has provided, on average, an additional $1.5 million to our General Fund Budget each year. The monies will allow Bridgeport to continue services at the current and necessary level as years past. The proposed uses of Levy Funds are as follows:
A. To provide funds to maintain, operate, and improved the Bridgeport Parks & Recreation Department, $161,281 per year;
B. To provide funds to resurface existing city streets, $483,843 per year;
C. To provide funds to maintain and operate the Bridgeport Public Library, $241,922 per year;
D. To provide funds to construct, maintain, and repair sidewalks, $80,640 per year;
E. To provide funds for Public Safety – Police, Fire, and Emergency Services, $483,843 per year;
F. To provide funds for Storm Water Management, $161,281 per year.
The fifth article will feature the Bridgeport Public Safety-to include Police, Fire, and Emergency Services. The Levy will provide 30% of the funds toward supporting the budget of each of these departments for the next five years, for a total of $483,843 per year. 
The Public Safety Departments in the City of Bridgeport are some of the most crucial departments in the City. Community safety impacts the way people feel and interact in their community. The City of Bridgeport takes pride in protecting the health and well-being of every resident.
In 2018, the Bridgeport Police Department responded to a total of 8,776 incidents within their jurisdiction. That’s an average of 24 calls per day. The Bridgeport Fire Department responded to a total of 3,108 incidents in 2018 in their first due area. Our Emergency Services Department is one of only a few in the entire state and helps with disasters, winter weather, and provides year-round support for the Police and Fire Departments. All departments also host and attend training classes throughout the year to stay on the forefront of technology, products and to ensure staff is fully equipped and has the knowledge to quickly respond in an emergency.
The City of Bridgeport is extremely fortunate to staff a Prevention Resource Officer to assist in making sure our schools and our children are safe. This officer is trained and employed by the City but reports to the schools every day. This is made possible through a combination of grant, levy, and general fund monies.
All three Departments participate in various community events throughout the year that include (but aren’t limited to): Kids Day in the Park, National Night Out, Sporting Events, Safety Days, Light Up Night, Christmas Parade, 5k Races, Cross Country Events, Fire Department Tours, Fire Safety at the Schools, Drug Take Back Events, and Airport Security. 
It is the hope of the City that all residents will vote YES on February 16, 2019 in support of the levy that funds so many wonderful programs, departments, and daily necessities.
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