Council Unanimously Awards Trio of Contracts, Moving City Projects Forward

By Julie Perine on June 12, 2018 via

As was promised, Mayor Andy Lang shared the date and time during which ground will be broken for the city’s long-awaited indoor sports and recreation complex. At 4 p.m. June 21, shovels will turn the first loads of dirt on the property where the facility will be constructed. Further details will be shared in the coming days, Lang said. That information was shared at Monday evening’s work session which preceded a 7 p.m. Bridgeport City Council meeting.
The agenda featured the awarding of a trio of contracts, including the earthwork project for the indoor sports complex. Bids opened Wednesday and according to City Manager Kim Haws, the bidding was very competitive.
“City Council and staff have been working with Omni & Associates and their subcontractor to design and develop an indoor sports complex at Charles Pointe which is a sizeable investment by this wonderful community,” he said. 
Moving the project forward, grading for the entire complex will begin within the next 30 days.
It was a tight bid process, Haws said, but the lowest responsible bidder that met requirements of the bidding documents and recommended for the contract is Green River Group LLC in the amount of $3,593,675. Council unanimously voted to award the contract.
Council also awarded a contract for the 2018 standard milling and resurfacing of asphalt street project.
“We had a number of contractors bid on this project and the lowest responsible bidder recommended by the city and by our engineer is J.F. Allen Company in the amount of $433,547.50,” Haws said. “This is the standard milling and resurfacing of asphalt streets and it’s also our recommendation to include in the amount a 10 percent contingency.”
Funding of the project was included in the fiscal year budget for 2018-19.
“This is part of our annual asphalt street overlay and it’s planned out well – within 10 to 12 years, on a rotating process in this budget,” Haws said.
Council voted unanimously to award the contract to J.F. Allen.
Council also voted unanimously to award a contract for the asbestos abatement and demolition of buildings located on properties recently purchased by the city – on Worthington Drive and Route 131. The property located at 116 Worthington Drive contains a house and garage. That property will be utilized by Bridgeport Pool and recreational facilities located in the area. On the Route 131 property – which will be utilized for city public works storage and overflow parking for Bridgeport Recreation Complex – is an old farm structure.
“These are two pieces of property the city purchased this year, both which will certainly be a real benefit to the city in the future,” Haws said. “The problem is the older structures on them that contain asbestos paint and siding, etc.”
Only one company submitted a bid for the project: Reclaim Company LLC. The amount is $196,656 with a 10 percent contingency fee. City Engineer Beth Fox placed her seal of approval on the company.
“She dealt with this contractor when she was with the Department of Highways, working on the Fairmont interchange along I-79 and a number of homes had to be demolished to accommodate the interchange,” Haws said. “She was highly impressed by these folks and feels they will do a good job for us.”
Additional coverage of Monday evening’s Bridgeport City Council meeting will be forthcoming on Connect-Bridgeport.

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