If Cheese is Your Thing New Morgantown Eatery "Cheese Louise" Probably Has the Menu Item for You

By Connect-Bridgeport Staff on April 21, 2017 via

For those visiting Bridgeport who have already sampled the city's fare or those who are residents of the city and beyond looking for a quick trip for a new culinary experience, here's the latest edition of WBOY's Restaurant Road Trip. And this one is located north of Bridgeport; roughly 30 to 35 minutes away up Interstate 79.
Three simple ingredients, bread, cheese and butter, make a delicious combination.
But at Cheese Louise, the grilled cheese sandwiches can go far beyond the classic cheddar cheese and bread.
Jalapeños, arugula and bacon are just a few of the ingredients customers can add to their grilled cheese sandwiches.
Owner Lawton Parnell said the restaurant serves up comfort food that has ties to his family's recipes.
"A lot of the stuff is just comfort food, a lot of the recipes come from my mom, from my family. So yea that really adds to the whole comfort and you know quality of grilled cheeses," Parnell said.
The top-notch bread and cheese used also adds to that high quality.
Especially because they don't just serve grilled cheese, they also offer the grilled cheese sidekick, soup.
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Editor's Note: Top photo and middle photo are courtesy of the Cheese Louise Facebook page that is linked above. Bottom photo is a screenshot from the story courtesy of WBOY.

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