NBA Star Chris Herron to Share His Inspirational Story at Area Church

By Trina Runner on November 27, 2018 via

From 1999 to 2001, NBA player Chris Herron played over 70 games, first with the Denver Nuggets and then with the Boston Celtics.  After his basketball career ended stateside, he continued to play in the international arena, scoring for teams in Italy, Poland, China, Germany and Iran. His professional career is only part of his story, now featured in his book, Basketball Junkie and the Emmy-nominated ESPN documentary, Unguarded. What was happening behind the scenes in his life was transformational, launching him into a tailspin that, thankfully, has now led to a unique ministry opportunity.
Ten years ago, Chris Herron overdosed on heroin, crashed his vehicle into a utility pole, and, according to paramedics, was dead for 30 seconds.  The incident came at the end of a long history of drug addiction that included 20 felonies, all drug related.  But for Herron, the accident was not only the last straw for his physical life, it was also a rebirth in his spiritual life, leading him to eventually create The Herron Project in 2011, a non-profit that provides awareness of substance use disorder and the tools to navigate recovery, including support and wellness education.
For the second time in as many years, Herron will be sharing his story at the Grafton campus of Horizons Church, located at 116 St. John Street in Grafton.  By partnering with Toothman Ford, Horizons Church is able to host a platform through which Herron can share his redemptive experience and how he has been able to stay clean since that fateful night a decade ago. Herron's story will be featured on December 12 and the presentation is free and open to the public, with doors opening at 5:30p.m. and Herron’s testimony beginning at 6:30p.m.  Refreshments will be served afterwards and Herron will stay to speak with attendees on a more personal level. 
“When Chris came last year, we had a huge crowd, but he made a point to stay afterwards and talk with those who came,” said Horizon’s pastor Tom Lasure.  “His story is very moving and empowering.  Church staff worked with those who attended to help find resources and support for those in need and to direct them to local Celebrate Recovery programs for assistance.”
Herron, who now dedicates his life to helping others with substance use disorder, works tirelessly to offer support addicts and their families.  He has worked with the youth to help students understand the nature of drug abuse and to destigmatize the disease of addiction.  Students have celebrated the way Herron validates sobriety and encourages them to be courageous in their fight to help others.  Through his Project Purple initiative, he has helped thousands of students, families and communities find the strength, resources and spiritual path to be able to sustain sobriety.
“We are very excited to have Chris back with us this December,” said Lasure. “His story is inspirational and helps people of all ages to get the support they need.”


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