Photos and Video: Bridgeport Middle School, Fire Department Collaborate for Egg Drop Physics Project

By Julie Perine on December 03, 2017 via

Dropping four dozen eggs from 95 feet would typically result in a splattering of broken eggs.  If they are adequately wrapped and protected, however, they might just survive the freefall.
As is done regularly in Jan Grisso’s Bridgeport Middle School eighth grade science classes, students put their physics know-how to the test, coming up with creative design work to protect their eggs. Some utilized mini parachutes and balloons to slow the fall while others opted for ultra-protective coverings such as bubble wrap and cotton balls.
Bridgeport Fire Department provided the 95-foot ladder truck. The firemen first loaded the truck with the student-engineered projects, then extended the ladder to capacity height, before dropping the egg packages, one by one. It was evident upon landing that some of the eggs didn’t survive the fall. Others had to wait until they inspected the packages to find out if the challenge had been met.
The project, which took place Friday, is always popular with the students and a good hands-on learning experience, Grisso said.
See photos and video below. 

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