Video: Bridgeport High School Senior Class Parade

By Julie Perine on May 16, 2018 via

As has been tradition for the past decade or so, the Bridgeport High School Senior Class Parade took place this morning. Members of the senior class met at the Simpson Creek Baptist Church family life center on Philadelphia Avenue at 6:45 a.m., leaving the meeting spot at 7 a.m. sharp. They rode ATVs, classic cars, Jeeps, a scooter and even a SWAT vehicle. The procession was met by a small, but enthusiastic group of supporters as they pulled into the BHS parking lot for nearly the last time. 
Organizing today's senior parade was Bridgeport Police Department's Preventive Resource Officer Jamie Hamrick. She said she believes the tradition started in 2003 or 2004 and was the idea of some students that they arrive via procession to end the school year. 
"If I'm not mistaken, it started kind of small and then blossomed each year after that," Hamrick said. 
There are some rules as to what vehicles can and can't be used in the parade. The basic rule of thumb is that vehicles have to keep up with traffic, she said. 
Hamrick said it's a nice tradition for the seniors.
"It's a nice little send-off that they can put their own spin on," she said. "It was a good turnout this year and I thought there was a nice turnout to watch it, too. It wasn't just parents, but some residents in the area and some teachers who came outside to watch. Everyone had fun with it."
Friday is the last official day of class for the graduating class. Read about senior week activities HERE

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