Off the Shelf: Best Books for Beach Reads this Summer

By Sharon Saye on June 07, 2017 from Off the Shelf via

Summer Reading can be a lot of fun.  Time is more available and reading before a fan or air conditioner can be just the thing when the weather hits the upper 80s.  Many people plot and plan what they are going to read each summer.  Some have goals to read the classics, or catch-up on the best-sellers everyone told them about.  The choices are virtually limitless, but if you need guidance, the Internet has plenty of possibilities.  The website,, is designed for readers with daily articles and lists from “100 book recommendations for your middle-school child” to “How to walk and read at the same time.”  They also have eBook daily deals, podcasts, and recommendations.
Another website,, has its own summer reading group.  Be warned there is a fee, but you can see the previous year’s reading lists for free, or you can sign-up and get it in your email.  She regularly provides loads of reading lists including “11 Juicy Memoirs to Toss in Your Beach Bag This Summer” and “15 Books about Endearingly Quirky Families” just in the last month.  She also has a daily list of Great Kindle Deals that is worth visiting.
BookPage, a 32 page handout that the library provides for free to patrons, includes “Beach Reads” in the June issue as well as reviews of 63 new books just for you.  They also have a website that is loaded with blog entries and articles. 
Another website that should provide readers with way too many possibilities is Bookreporter at  It has pages of reviews and commentary as well as lots of contests for free books.  There are sections with reading group guides and a detailed list of all the books coming soon in hardcover and paperback.  It is a great place to get started.
And if you really want to see lists of books for summer, just google “Beach Reads 2017.”  From refinery29 to Elle to USA Today to Publishers Weekly, there are lists after lists.  Real Simple has a list of “Best New Paperback Beach Reads” that will save you money.  So take advantage of all these resources to start your summer reading lists and then check out your library whether in person or online to get started.  Just remember summer is when the “livin’ is easy” so relax and enjoy your reading experiences.

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