After Three Decades-Plus, Civic Center Marquis to be Replaced with Double-Sided Digital Version

By Julie Perine on November 17, 2017 via

It’s appropriate that Light Up Night is the anticipated completion date for Bridgeport Parks and Recreation’s new digital display marquis. It’s likely, however, that the new double-sided computerized sign will be in place before that.
Thursday, representatives of Quality Machine began work in the Benedum Civic Center front lawn on the installation of the marquis, purchased from Third Millennium Marketing. In a week or so, it should be lit up and announcing upcoming city events to both eastbound and westbound Main Street travelers.
Parks and Recreation Deputy Director Joe Shuttleworth said it was time for the change.
“We’ve had the old marquis in front of the building for probably 30 years and have looked at ways to upgrade it. One of the issues we have is that it is so labor intensive to go out and change the sign all the time,” he said. “Also, we get multiple groups that want us to put (events) on it. One of the main goals of the sign was to promote our (Bridgeport Parks and Recreation) programs, but we also have civic clubs and other groups which meet here asking us to promote their events too.”
Changing the old sign required a parks and recreation employee to go outside, unlock the plexiglass cover and create the message, letter by letter. Only one event or message could be posted at a time.
“Now we’ll be unlimited and can post messages through wireless computer connection and include full-color graphics and animation. We can fix it so messages will rotate,” Shuttleworth. “It will be much more functional to advertise for several events with basically the click of a mouse button. It’s user friendly and serviceable for the citizens.”
The location is ideal, Shuttleworth said.
“A lot of times throughout the day traffic is stopped or moving slowly so it’s a great location for a sign of this nature,” he said. “We’ll abide by the (Division of Highways) regulations. I think we can change the screen every eight seconds.”
The project was included in the city’s budget for the 2017-18 fiscal year and will cost an estimated $17,000 by the time it is completed, Shuttleworth said.  

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