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Editor's Note: Shaun Fleming is a former Bridgeport police officer and K-9 handler. He's been married to Jenny (Frenzel) for nearly13 years now and they have two children, 9-year-old Hailee and six month-old  Torin. After working in law enforcement for 17 years, Fleming took on the challenge of being a stay-at-home dad. He's a handyman too. He's dabbled in woodcraft items and can design and concrete countertops. But his main focus these days is taking care of his kids and household. His blog "Roles Flipped" includes tips and tricks of a stay-at-home dad, as well as insightful and humorous stories of his adventures. His blog is posted regularly at
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March 29 blog post:
So I’m gonna change things up a bit here and talk about food. I told y’all in the “about me” page that there will be a variety of topics I post about, so don’t say you weren’t warned. Today is tuna poke day.
Poke (pronounced po-kay, not like I’m gonna poke you in the eye) is a traditional Hawaiian dish that has become popular in the mainland United States. At least that’s what Wikipedia says. As far as I know there isn’t any to be had in Bridgeport, West Virginia. Although I did see a pre-packaged bowl of it in the refrigerated meat section of Kroger. (Probably pretty nasty stuff.) I had to go all the way to California to taste poke.
But I digress, this is my version of tuna poke that I have tweeked to my liking. Before all the food purists show up and start calling me out, this is not in any way the traditional version of how tuna poke is actually supposed to be. For starters the tuna is supposed to be raw. I’m sorry, but I can’t do raw fish, just can’t. It’s my mouth, I’ll make what’s good to me.
Why this particular dish?
Because it’s yum!!! I had never eaten poke before and decided to try it when I saw it on the menu at the Lamplight Lounge in California Adventure Park. I thought it was really good. Jenny thought it was really good. So now we make it at home.
I enjoy cooking. And not to toot my own horn, but I think I’m pretty good at it. And unless you’re baking there’s no need to measure ingredients. Recipes are more of guidelines to me. When I’m making something new I will go online and look at recipes. There’s always like 12 different recipes for anything you want. I just look at them, get the general idea of how to make it and use the ingredients I see fit.
  • A simple marinade that is good with fish
  • Marinating tuna
Prep your fish
The first thing I did was make a basic marinade for the tuna. Hawaiian food has Asian influences, so soy sauce and sesame oil are a good choice. Add a little rice vinegar and a squeeze of lemon juice and there you go. If it really bothers you about the measurements I’d say about 1/4 cup of soy sauce, a tablespoon or so of the oil and vinegar, and a teaspoon of lemon juice, -ish. Put the tuna in the marinade, I flip it every few minutes, and let it sit. The longer it marinades the more flavor goes in to the fish. I did about half hour. One tuna steak is plenty for two bowls. You don’t want to have leftover fish, it’s no good the next day.
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