BHS Freshman Virginia Noone Captures Line 4 Singles Victory at State Tennis Tournament; Other Indians Fare Well on State Level

By Julie Perine on May 15, 2018 via

There was some disappointment and some nice surprises, but the brightest spot of Bridgeport High School’s representation at the WVSSAC Class A-AA state tennis tournament was a championship by a newbie to the Tribe team.
Virginia Noone, a BHS freshman, captured the state championship in line 4 singles, capping off an undefeated season. According to Coach Dan Oliveto, it was a well-deserved victory.
“She did such a nice job for a freshman, handling all of that setting. It’s very stressful and there’s a lot of pressure there. Once she got her nerves out, she handled the situation very well,” he said.  “She deserved to get there and to win it.”
Noone was down 0-2 in the first set, but – like she did all season – she persevered, buckled down and got the job done, taking the victory in two sets, Oliveto said.
Her opponent in the finals was a junior from Point Pleasant High School.
“She was very good, too, and a little more experienced than Virginia. She knew what she was doing,” Oliveto said.
With this year’s line 1 singles player Rachel Lamm graduating, there will be some shifting of spots in next year’s team and Noone will move up to a higher spot on the Indian tennis team, Oliveto said.
Also qualifying for states were line 2 singles player Eleanor Noone and line 3 singles player Grace Ebert, who lost in the quarterfinals and semifinals rounds, respectively.  
Virginia Noone and Ebert qualified for states in line 2 doubles, advancing to semifinals, but losing in that round of competition.
Oliveto said they all did well getting to those points in the state competition.
Perhaps the biggest surprise of the state tournament was line 1 doubles team Rachel Lamm and Eleanor Noone, who made it to the final four.
“I don’t think they knew they could do it,” Oliveto said. “They really faced some tough competition.”
Lamm and Noone went into the state tourney via consolation, facing and beating an Oak Glen team, advancing to quarterfinals. In that round, they beat a team from Bluefield, advancing to the semifinals. They ultimately lost to a Winfield team. Winfield captured the state crown – both girls and boys.
On the boys’ side, Grant DuVall and Ben Holbert qualified for states in line 1 doubles, making a good showing and winning their first round.
“They lost in the quarterfinals to Winfield,” Oliveto said. “That was tough competition. One boy played in and won the state tournament in singles. That’s how good they were. Our boys put up a nice battle with them.”
The other team to qualify for states was the line 2 doubles team of Brent Sinsel and Tanner Cava, who suffered a disheartening loss after Sinsel became ill.
“Brent got so sick, he couldn’t swing a racket,” Oliveto said. “They lost to Independence in the first round. They had a bye round, so they were already in the quarterfinals. It was really disappointing. I really thought they had a shot of getting to finals.”
Oliveto said all players who made an appearance at the state tournament should be very proud for advancing that far. The only Tribe team member who had competed on a state level was Eleanor Noone, who qualified in doubles play last year.
A Thursday night banquet at Bridgeport Country Club will officially close the season, which has been a very good one, Oliveto said.
Oliveto, who is a retired teacher and coach from Georgia, will not be returning to coach BHS tennis next year. After coaching the Indians for the past several seasons and substitute teaching in Harrison County, he is returning to Georgia. He wishes the team a great season and future.
Editor's Note: Photos (from top) Virginia Noone, Grant DuVall, Rachel Lamm and Ben Holbert, were taken by Ben Queen Photography during the 2018 BHS tennis season. 

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