Look at How Clarksburg Native, Current Texas A&M Coach Jimbo Fisher's Upbringing Led to Success

By Connect-Bridgeport Staff on June 12, 2018 via Connect-Bridgeport.com

On a shelf behind John James "Jimbo" Fisher Jr.'s desk are various framed photos of his sons, Trey and Ethan, and one of a gray-bearded, barrel-chested bear of a man.
John James "Big Jim" Fisher Sr.
Jimbo says the photo of his father was taken on his last Christmas Day, in 1993. Jimbo was Auburn's 28-year-old quarterbacks coach. Big Jim, farmer by day, coal miner by night, had black lung disease.
A quarter-century later, Big Jim's commanding presence, which exceeded his 6-3 stature, still resonates back home in West Virginia -- and here at Texas A&M, personified in Jimbo's magnetism, mannerisms and homespun proverbs.
No, 5-9 Jimbo did not inherit his father's size, but he was a tenacious athlete, all-state in three sports and Division III Player of the Year as a quarterback despite 11 surgeries.
And get a load of Jimbo now, in his spacious office, adjacent to 102,733-seat Kyle Field. What would Big Jim think of Jimbo's 10-year, $75 million contract, the richest in college football coaching history?
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Editor's Note: Photos by Ben Queen of www.benqueenphotography.com.

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