STRONG Idea: 12 Days of Fitness; Day 4

By Emily Stapleton on December 05, 2013 from Strong Ideas via

On the fourth DAY OF FITNESS, my trainer gave to me 4 jumping jacks, 3-V-crunches, 2-floor to ceilings and a 1-minute plank.
This is the fourth of a series of 12 posts designed to encourage you to meet the challenge of exercising for 12 consecutive days during the holiday season.  Need to start at the beginning? Click here.  Want to read more about the nature of the challenge? Click here.
The exercise of the day is a Jumping Jack. There’s no video this time since most of us have been doing jumping jacks since elementary school.  Suffice it to say that the jumping jack is a multi-joint, multi-muscle exercise that also provides a cardio challenge.  Cardiovascular exercise is important because it strengthens the heart and the lungs (as most of us know).  The jumping jack is an excellent opportunity to work the heart and lungs while also strengthening other parts of the body.
For the 12-day series, I’m only asking you to do 4 jumping jacks, but keep in mind that the jumping jack is a terrific cardio exercise that can be done anywhere.  Try doing sets of 20 jacks, or time yourself doing several sets of 30 seconds of jacks alternating with 15 seconds of rest. 
Stay tuned.  The 12-day challenge continues tomorrow.
Emily Stapleton

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