STRONG Idea: 12 Days of Fitness; Day 6

By Emily Stapleton on December 07, 2013 from Strong Ideas via

On the sixth DAY OF FITNESS, my trainer gave to me
6 Push-ups
5 Squats
4 Jumping Jacks
2-Floor to Ceilings and
A 1-minute plank.
This is the sixth of a series of 12 posts designed to encourage you to meet the challenge of exercising for 12 consecutive days during the holiday season.  Need to start at the beginning? Click here.  Want to read more about the nature of the challenge? Click here.
The exercise of the day is a Push-up.  Here’s where we start going back to the beginning.  The first step to a perfect push-up is a perfect plank.  By now, you’ve been doing a 1-minute plank for 5 days.  For a refresher on plank form, click here.  Once you’re in a perfect plank, simply lower your body (keeping it as straight as a board) toward the ground and then return to the starting position.  For an added challenge, place a tennis ball on the floor and make sure your chest touches each time.
Modification:  You have a couple of options for modifying your push-up.  The most common modification involves placing your knees on the ground to modify your plank starting position.  Another option is to start from a regular plank and simply shorten the range of motion.  In other words, just don’t lower your body as far.  This works well if you can hold a plank for a full minute, but have trouble completing a push-up.  With practice you’ll be able to accomplish the full range of motion.
Water challenge:I hope you’ve started tracking how much water you’re drinking.  Staying hydrated is one of the simplest ways to improve your overall health.  How much should you be drinking?  Research continues on this question.  The old rule of eight 8 oz. glasses per day is still a good one.  Or try this equation:  Divide your body weight (in lbs.) by 2.  That gives you the number of ounces of water needed per day.  Ex. 150lbs./2 = 75 ounces of water.
The 12 Days of Fitness is to be continued.  The challenge continues tomorrow.
Emily Stapleton

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