Sweat & Smiles: 5 Tips on Keeping Your New Years Resolutions

By Melissa Romano on January 06, 2018 from Sweat & Smiles via Connect-Bridgeport.com

Some statics say that 41% of Americans make New Year Resolutions and research suggests that only 8% of that population actually achieve their goals. Self-improvement, or at least wanting to improve, is a common goal we all share but you don’t need statistics to tell you about the success rate. The best way to determine if it’s a good idea for you is by examining your own history, how many years have you set “lose weight”, “eat healthier”, “wake up earlier” as your New Year Resolution? And how many years did you follow through? I’m not here to discourage you, I’m here to show you an easier way.
Tomorrow isn’t the day that you’ll wake up and everything will be different. Self-improvement isn’t a snap-your-fingers, abra cadabra kind of thing. You didn’t say to yourself one day, “I want to put on 20 pounds”, or “I’m going to start eating poorly tomorrow”. You got to this point with baby steps, with small decisions, and unbeknownst to you because of factors that were not at all obvious.
If you made a resolution that involved self-improvement… or want to make one now, here are five steps that will help you on your way.
Step One: Get to the root of the problem.
Having a goal like “lose weight” doesn’t address what the actual problem is. Your weight is not a problem, it’s the byproduct of some other problem(s). Having a goal like “don’t be anxious” doesn’t address what the actual problem is. Fears cause anxiety, not being present causes anxiety, limiting beliefs cause anxiety. The point is, dig deep, address the root of the problem, not the symptoms.
Step Two: Be clear on why you want to do it.
I want to lose 20 pounds is not clarity. I want to feel good while chasing my two year old around is clarity. Getting clear on your why will keep you going when you think of giving up. Spend some time really thinking about WHY you want to do something. Find what things are pulling at your heartstrings, what instantly sparks a little fire inside… and then run with it.
Step Three: Ask for help.
I cannot stress this enough: asking for help is not a weakness, being vulnerable is not a weakness. Asking for help is one of the bravest things you can do! We are all in this together. If you’re seeing professional help with your personal development spend some time to find a person that matches your goals. You don’t need someone that will yell at you, and no one will ever be able to “make” you do something. Find the person that will help you to believe in yourself.
Step Four: Relentless Prioritization
Remember the clarity step? Once you find the things that are important to you, let go of everything else. You didn’t quit on your goal because you’re unmotivated or because you lacked accountablity, it’s because prioritizing is tough stuff. We’re programmed to want to do it all, to aim for perfection; but the truth is we’ve got to get ruthless about prioritizing. That means when something doesn’t fall in line with your overall goals, with what’s important to you, you’re not the one to do it.
Step Five: Never Give Up
I didn’t say never take a day off. I didn’t say don’t miss a couple days. You get sick, you get discouraged, life happens. Just don’t give up. It doesn’t matter if you missed a whole month, pick up right where you left off and keep marching on. “I already messed up today, I’ll start again tomorrow” is like saying, “I have a flat tire, I’ll just flatten the other three too”. Never give up. If things don’t go as planned, dust yourself off, take another baby step, and make another decision. Just don’t give up.
Happy New Year!
Sweat & Smiles,

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