Sweat & Smiles: Asking the Question You Already have the Answer to: You Know What's Good for You

By Melissa Romano on July 01, 2017 from Sweat & Smiles via Connect-Bridgeport.com

I know what I should do, I just don't do it. 
This is a line I'm very familiar with. In fact, recently someone said to me "I feel so much better when I [exercise], what's holding me back from doing it?" 
I didn't know.  I didn't have an answer. 
Even worse, it's something that I still struggle with myself. Maybe not with exercise but certainly with other things I know are good for me. And just like that I spiraled quickly into the abyss; the black hole of thoughts that pull you in like a strong current. 
What am I even doing?
How can I help if I don't even know!? How can I help if I'm still struggling?! 
I shouldn't even be doing this for a job. And that's where the magic happened. 
I knew, in that moment, that the inner mean girl had taken over. 
It was time to rephrase the question. 
I started saying out loud: we know what's good for us, why don't we do it. We know what's good for us, why CAN'T we do it. We know what's good for us, why WON'T we do it. We know what's good for us ...
We know what's good for us. 
We know what's good for us!!!
We already have the answer! We're just asking the wrong questions. The question is: why do I want to? 
In the example above, she had already answer that, too. She wants to exercise because she feels so much better when she does. 
The next question would be: how can I? 
If she's at home she could lace up her shoes and get started. If she's at work she could say "I'll start right after work." 
She can come up with 10 different ways how she CAN and then try them until one feels good for her and works. 
Here are five more empowering questions to ask instead of "what's stopping me?":
1. Why do I want to? 
2. How can I?
3. What's the smallest thing I can do right now to start?
4. What's important about this? 
5. What about this makes me excited?
When you're stuck and end up in the endless reel of "why don't I do what I know is good for me" start rephrasing your questions because you already have all the answers!
Sweat & Smiles,

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