Sweat & Smiles: Difference Between Accountability and Consequence and Taking Ownership of Your Life

By Melissa Romano on July 15, 2017 from Sweat & Smiles via Connect-Bridgeport.com

In my line of work I end up having a lot of the same conversations over and over. As different as our lives are, we have a lot of the same experiences, we all fundamentally want the same things. Health, wealth, and happiness, right!?
In those conversations I see a lot of the same trends and mainly, the same confusion. I'm guilty of not pushing the envelope too far, not challenging a person's stories they've been telling themselves, not wanting to offend ... and I've seen that my inaction has aided in the confusion. 
Someone asked me recently how I hold my clients accountable (since they're trained via an app) and I smiled and named all of the ways that my clients and I stay in contact and keep each other posted. 
The truth is, I don't hold my clients accountable. 
I cannot hold my clients accountable. 
You can hold a baby, you can hold someone's hand, but you cannot hold someone accountable. 
Accountability get confused with consequences.
For example: if I don't show up to work, I'll get fired. The possibility of getting fired is not accountability, it's a consequence. Accountability is the desire for a paycheck, your desire to take care of your family, your desire ... YOUR ... it is all coming from inside of you. And that is the only way to be held accountable.
Another person can dish out some things to make you feel bad about yourself (which is a consequence - not accountability) but I'd venture to say you already do a really good job of making yourself feel bad so you aren't in need of that.  
Accountability is ownership. Taking ownership for your actions, your thoughts, your life ... regardless of your circumstances. Talk about a gut check - ouch. 
But here is the beautiful part of accountability: it's a CHOICE. You get to choose. How empowering is that!?? 
If you don't want to workout, don't. Sure there are consequences, but no one can make you do it. And you don't have to do it. In fact, millions of people choose not to everyday. 
When you claim your power, and you take ownership of yourself ... everything else falls to the wayside. No more digging your heels in and working harder, no more grinding it out or forcing yourself to do things you convinced yourself you didn't want to do - or needed someone else to make you do it. 
When you claim your power, and you take ownership of yourself ... no one has to make you do anything ... you WANT to do it. 
I challenge you today to stand up, claim your power, and take ownership of your life!
You're the captain of this ship.
Sweat & Smiles, 

Connect Bridgeport
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